[gnuit-list] About the migration.

Giuseppe Scrivano gscrivano a gnu.org
Sab 19 Gen 2008 21:47:40 CET

I am going to test everything.  Great work Nacho!


Nacho González López <nacho a es.gnu.org> writes:

> The new IP:
> The old IP:
> By now, all DNS records points to the old machine and I'll change in a
> bit. The only active port in the old machine is SSH, for allow access
> for review migration process and see old data. Other service ports (80,
> 443, 25, 994, 995) are redirect to the new machine, so werever you
> connect (old IP or new IP), the server that respond is the same. The
> change was made as clean as i can, I hope that you dont find troubles :)
> The BBDD loaded in the new machine are the friday copy. If you realiced
> works in the databases after this date, you must to restore the work or
> get the good database from the old server.
> Test all services and try to connect to new machine for review the
> installation and software. If you need some help for me, Ill review the
> mail all weekend.
> Im going to get some hours for relax and restart work :)
> Best regards,
> Nacho

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