[gnuit-list] About the migration.

Nacho González López nacho a es.gnu.org
Sab 19 Gen 2008 21:38:30 CET

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The new IP:
The old IP:

By now, all DNS records points to the old machine and I'll change in a
bit. The only active port in the old machine is SSH, for allow access
for review migration process and see old data. Other service ports (80,
443, 25, 994, 995) are redirect to the new machine, so werever you
connect (old IP or new IP), the server that respond is the same. The
change was made as clean as i can, I hope that you dont find troubles :)

The BBDD loaded in the new machine are the friday copy. If you realiced
works in the databases after this date, you must to restore the work or
get the good database from the old server.

Test all services and try to connect to new machine for review the
installation and software. If you need some help for me, Ill review the
mail all weekend.

Im going to get some hours for relax and restart work :)

Best regards,
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