[gnuit-list] Hardware update. Change plan.

Nacho González López nacho a es.gnu.org
Lun 14 Gen 2008 09:46:00 CET

Hi all

I'm pleased to notice you the brought of a new machine for GNUes, GNUit 
and GNUmx chapters. It's a Pentium 4 Dual core x64 with 2GB RAM, enough 
I hope for add new services and forget the recent troubles with 
downtimes caused by memory filled.

This weekend I tested some install services and I'm going to start the 
migration of the systems. The change plan follows:

1.- Migration of software
2.- Migration of users to LDAP service in the new machine
3.- Migration of web services
4.- Migration of user accounts
5.- Migration of email services
6.- DNS update

I'm going to make migration test for a couple of days and the migration 
day is set up to 16 of January (this Wednesday). For help the migration 
process  (that I start in the evening), I recommend that stop all works 
with server this day (neither web updates or work in our home or 
something similar).

I'll try to prevent all risks of DNS change making port redirections 
between the machines. If you experience troubles in this week, pleease 
email me to nacho a es.gnu.org with  CC (avoiding email fails) to my work 
account (igonzalez a qindel.es). I'll report you any update of this change 
and the finish of all steps.

The architecture of the GNU chapters machines will be:

Old machine:
    * Mail Relay and antispam (smtp.<es|it|mx>.gnu.org)
    * FTP (ftp.<es|it|mx>.gnu.org)

New machine:
    * Web services
    * User accounts
    * CVS/SVN

Best regards,

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